An Epiphany and An Apology

I recently, and personally, had a bit of a Slap in the Face Epiphany.

These are always good, and generally follow a bit of a crap experience, or merely a sleepless night where you’ve been going around in circles in your head for a while and suddenly, it hits you and everything makes sense.

Anyhoo, this one was after a bit of a horrible experience, but we’re all good now.

I’ve known for a while now that some people just don’t get what Real Mums is about, its purpose or what it does. That’s cool. Others don’t like what Real Mums stand for and other feel Real Mums should be damned to Hell for All Eternity for the horribleness of our beliefs (little do they realise, many of us already feel like we’re there, so, you know … whatevs).

Others – or the same people – have formed a perception about Real Mums, because that is what people do. I – we – can only be responsible so far for helping shape those perceptions. Beyond that, we have no control and people will think what they like.

And that’s ok.

It was at this point I had my own, personal epiphany, mostly around judgements and perceptions. Although mildly consciously aware of it, it became clear; I say the stuff I do, not to change the minds or opinions of those who think differently to me, or who share vastly different values or beliefs, but to empathise with those who think similarly and who share similar thoughts, and to remind them (you) that they’re not alone.

Being in business, I have taken this little nugget one little step further:

So, in saying that, we’d also like to apologise.

We apologise for giving anyone the perception that we were attempting to change your mind, or leaving you feeling judged or picked on, should you have perceived anything that way.

We apologise should we have ever come over as being ‘experts’ or as if we’ve been saying ‘you should do it our way’; that’s not what we do.

Mostly, we apologise for ever having said we were for “The average Australian Mum’ – we know you’re not ‘the average’, as indicated by the thoughtful, intelligent discussions, information and, most of all, unabashed humour (although some might perceive this as ‘being a smartarse’, not us!) non-judgemental chat and raw honesty.

There you have it, an epiphany and an apology.

Now. let’s just go about our business.

Go back to your lives, citizens, nothing more to see …

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