An Experience: Bloggers Brunch Sydney

This morning was the first of the Bloggers Brunches to be held in Sydney. I’ve been to all previous Brunches, all of which have been in Melbourne. The theme of this one, Happiness Inspires so I just had to be there 🙂

(Also, LEGO were advertised as being at this event, so, you know, I was forced to go for fear of being nagged to death by my oldest child … just saying).

I drove up with Renee of Bra Queen, drank some wine, had dinner and fell into bed, exhausted at 8.30.

Good thing, really, as we were then treated to a 50 minute walk this morning from our hotel to the venue in which the Brunch was being held, hair and makeup done (before we left, and not so done when we arrived). The walk did take us along Oxford Street, where promotion of the upcoming Mardi Gras was in full swing … so it was interesting and entertaining.

But arrive in one peace we did, went straight for the coffee and brains functioning relatively well, we explored the businesses in attendance at this event.

I had to start with my favourite:


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