An Historical Family Day

We passed it a couple of times on various Family Day outings and after much nagging we actually planned a We Will Go There outing (rare) and found ourselves at Kryal Castle. Which is where we actually wanted to be.

Usually, we plan to go somewhere and end up somewhere entirely different. A few years back, we went to catch the stock standard metropolitan electric type train to the Zoo and ended up in Bendigo via a steam train. You know how that happens sometimes?

Or is that just this family? This is why we don’t plan very often.

I haven’t been to Kryal Castle since well before kids, and in a previous lifetime, most of which I’d, ideally, like to wipe from my memory. I was keen to check it out again.

The kids were also over a barrel, as they had been nagging to go for about a week, but it is also a requirement that they whinge and complain about Family Day, insisting it is ‘boring’ and asking, incessantly why they have to come along, and basically being obstructive. You could tell they wanted to argue and complain, but were also looking forward to going … they were in a bind!

It was fun to watch. I ate all their lollies just to add to the fun.

As we wandered towards the drawbridge over the moat, we were subject to a small dose of Horrible Histories

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