An Open Letter To Blondes

Dear women of blonde persuasion,

No, this is not a letter pertaining to your stereotyopical “blondeness”. I have no qualms with you and your alleged stupid comments and behaviours.

Well, maybe I do.

As someone of a dark-haired persuasion, I merely have this request of you. When I mention, because it has got to the point it is causing me some distress, that “My legs are in desperate need of a wax!” it would do me the greatest of pleasure if you could refrain from replying with “Oh, me too, look ..” and lifting your pants legs to show me… show me what?

A leg which at first glance, appears to be hairless. It remains apparently hairless at second, third and fourth glances. I lower my face to take a closer look, remove my glasses, put them on again, grab a magnifying glass and still, I am at a loss as to how your apparently extremely hursuit lower extremities could constitute even consideration of booking a defuzzing, let alone uttering the concept to someone such as myself.

When your legs look like your creme caramel has rolled off your dessert plate and romped around the bed of your black-as-pitch, long haired pet cat during moulting season for a good couple of months, then you can feign empathy with me.

Until then, please shut up.

Much appreciated.

Mad C ow

4 Replies to “An Open Letter To Blondes”

  1. Are you sure we can’t compare legs MC? Just once? ‘cos the only baseline I have is my own, and from what you are describing, you may then help me to stop viewing mine in their current state as being comparable to shag pile carpet.

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