An Open Letter to Everyone From Mums

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Dear World,

Mothers Day is coming up and you’re no doubt lumbered with a heap of vomit-inducing pink catalogues and crippling thoughts on what to get your own mother this weekend.

We also know that, on one hand and thanks to the media – both social and mainstream – that mothering is what lazy women do when they can’t be arsed getting a job, and on the other hand mothers are hoisted up

2 Replies to “An Open Letter to Everyone From Mums”

  1. I can think of nothing else to say. This is perfect.
    No, wait. “Please don’t scream obscenities at a mother trying to wrangle multiple children in and out of her car if the door happens to touch your precious vehicle. YOU parked in a public place, and by gently resting the door against your car she is desperately protecting the paintwork of both cars from being repeatedly slammed by unco-operative monsters. If you call her a fat fucking whale you deserve everything karma dumps on you.”

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