An uneasy decision

Monkey Boy, upon not going to bed last night, but rather climbing into ours for “a cuddle”, seemed to be straining to breath. Just a little, nothing to be overly concerned about. Just easily puffed out.

Off to bed he goes.

He gets up this morning, lies on couch and coughs a lot, complaining of sore throat and chest.

I maintain efforts not to gag at mucousy sounding cough and try to get images of aftereffects of mucousy cough out of head.

I inwardly sigh about prospect of him having another day off school. And hope he will be listless and lie on couch all day and not annoy me about playing the DS becuase I have told them all that “when you are sick you can’t play the DS” and then embarking on the equivalent of a 6-week murder trail regarding playing of DS. Or watching a DVD.

Am relieved of this thought when he gets up on his hands and knees and farts in his brother’s face, thereby confirming just how sick he is.

But am left with that dilemma: he may

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  1. You were better than me… I sent Mr 5 to school today after having him home since Friday with a cold/ cough. He was keen to go, so all good. Then he realised that he wasn’t going to swimming (yes, swimming in the middle of freaking winter…
    I was told I was mean for not letting him swim. Then when I tried to explain why, he told me I was annoying… gees, thanks for that! I’m only stopping you from getting pneumonia!!
    Anyhoo…I got to school swimming to find him miserable and snuggled up with one of the teachers. I thought he was upset because he wanted to go swimming and to be with Mr 8 (they are in the same group) but when I picked them up he was sitting on the ground next to his brothers looking miserable and coughing. Didn’t I feel like Mum of the year?? :S

  2. One is never too sick to fart in one’s brothers face, especially in the style of a dog. Poor Bugger – must have taken the last ounce of energy he had!

  3. Mrs Woog. So true.

    He lasted till 2.30 before he broke the agreement and started asking about DSs and Wiis. No way, buddy!

    2.30 was also the time I was right in the middle of doing something I wanted finished by 3 and I believe now has things like “for fuck’s sake, I said no, now go and sleep if you’re supposed to be sick” written in the middle of it!


    Off to school today.

  4. I sooo put on my blinkers when the 4 year old coughs and sniffs and looks a little pale (unless of course he’s also genuinely struggling to breath and passing out). Thankfully for me, he often tells me how boring it is at home and so, on most sickly-but-not-deathly occasions, he’d rather go infect other kids in an stimulating environment than moan at home. Apologies to his classmate’s parents!

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