And back to normal routine

With guests gone, it’s all back to normal in the house.

We’re all completely exhausted and “stuff” is back in our lives. A trip to the local craft markets with a friend, accompanied by Chippie (standard) and Monkey Boy, who spent the entire trip there talking about how he was going to buy us all small pancakes and all kinds of lovely foody things, then finds a book he wants, buys that, swindles some dollars out of my friend to pay the difference and our nice foody things are all forgotten about.

Home we go, everyone tired, Grumpy puts Chippie to sleep and we have some quiet time. During which time, Godzilla decides he needs a password for his Mii (on the Wii) because, obviously the fitness levels, height and weight of a 6 year old are highly confidential and can’t be accessed by any other member of the family.

(Who can’t touch the bloody thing when he’s there anyway, because he won’t get off it!)

Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite have the sensibilities of his older sibling, whom came up with a relevant and easy to remember password, thought of a random combination of letters he liked at the time, didn’t write then anywhere and promptly forgot them.

Attempts by all family members to decipher the code (“it was something something one one”, “I don’t think it had ‘one one’ at the end”,

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  1. Boofhead would die if he heard of tomato sauce on roast potatoes – it shall not be spoken of in this house. He’s very iffy on gravy being allowed near them.

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