And back to normality

First day of school, which means Grumpy Pants is out the door at some ridiculous hour that enables him, usually, to have a quiet breakfast on his own and reading the paper without various other family members taking various parts in the process.

And sometimes giving Chippie his breakky.

Or, as was the case this morning, having a rushed shower, stuffing breakfast down, neglecting the paper and racing out the door.

All of which was fine, because I slept through it, thanks to a wakeup call at 3.23 am to attend to Chippie, who then woke me mid-deep sleep at just before 7.

Daylight savings is evil – pure evil – the day before school holidays. Not only do I have to get the kids up for their first day of school after the hols, when their body clocks are way different, but I’d forgotten to adjsut the clock on the coffee machine.

Losing an hour of sleep and being woken from a decent sleep, it took me some time to work out that the coffee machine hadn’t actually gone off. I did notice that the lights telling me it was still in program and hadn’t yet actually brewed, but I was too tired to

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