And I miss out again

At my course all day yesterday, today and again tomorrow.

Ring the family. To tell them how much I miss them and love them.

Because I do.

No, really, I do.

Not frigging home and it was only 4.30. They should be sitting on the couch doing boring things, like watching Shrek for the bazillionth time and eating crappy pizza from that shop up the road and not my delicious home made (I use the term loosely) ones.

I call Grumpy’s mobile. Diverts to messagebank.

Bugger. I bet they’re out having fun.

Wake Grumpy when I get home (have to know, I hate missing out)

Been at a bloody party all night. One they weren’t going to go to because it was too far away, haven’t seen the guy for ages, don’t wanna take the kids, you won’t be there…

Balloons, lollies. Dancing. Yes dancing. And I missed out!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s not fair.

How come they always do fun stuff when I’m not home.

Why can’t they do the day long train stuff when I’m not home.

I wanna go dancing and eat cake and have fun! Not them.

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