… and it continues …

Awoke this morning with very sore ankle.

Not as sore as it was last night when I went to bed and had to beg, pleased and bribe the Grumpy one to please go back to the kitchen and get me some panadeine or listen to me whinge all night. It really hurt!

My usual morning, checking emails while waiting for kids to eat and do their jobs, get dressed and pack bags. Listen to Monkey Boy smash a glass. One of my really good ones that I really like. Drive to school, not because of sore ankle … and now back, right bum cheek and wrist … but because have to be home in time to have a shower before attending the funeral of a friend this morning. We were still late (only by a minute – but I still hate being late).

Greeted at school with lots of genuine “how are you’s?” and “are you ok’s?” after yesterday’s incident which the entire school community knew about, despite me not having been at school.

Walk to funeral in broken boots, fixed with a paperclip, and sore ankle. Chippie refused sleep and spent the hour long funeral mass discovering his vocal cords, which have matured over the last few weeks and are, thus, louder. The baby -style singing also echoed brilliantly in the extraordinarily high ceilings of the church, only giving him more incentive to repeat whatever it was he was yelling, at a much greater volume.

Wanted to pop off the world for several hours as Grumpy left for work, leaving me with fatigue, a non-sleeping baby, no mind and the need to remove myself from bottom to collect older children from school.

Managed to survive remainder of evening and afternoon without any further breakage of glasswear.

Even managed to produce an edible meal for offspring without burning, spilling or dropping anything.

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