And just to add to the fun

Second day back at school, we’re barely funcitoning and we have a carpenter coming this morning to remove and replace some kitchen cabinet things.

All organised for between 8.30 and 9.00 am – which is precisely the time I am either leaving the house to take the kids to school, or dropping them at school.

Grumpy rang to suggest they be there before I left, which, of course they weren’t. Arrived back home as soon as I was able to find them sitting out the front, drinking take away lattes and not having brought one for me.

Then had to rearrange living area, which pretty much consisted of moving all the furniture away from area they were working on, reducing our living area considerably, and then keep Chippie away form all the loose screws strewn across the floor and preventing him from escaping out the permanently open back door.

All whilst working, attempting to make coffee with dishwasher perched in front of fridge and the cupboard containing all my needs and not going insane.

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