And so it continues

Our wedding anniversary today.

And after yesterday’s efforts, and a lovely night out with just my darling hubby, no kids (and lots of snobbery food – hooray) I had finally got over my flabby-belly issues and was up for it.

Course, by the time we got to sleeping baby who didn’t wake at expected time for feed, and got home, baby was ready for feed.

And husband feel asleep (ahh, more of those dulcet snoring, flatulent tones).

There was always the morning of our anniversary, this morning, but awoke to baby feeding whilst husband slept and by the time he woke, we were well into the day and he had to go get other kids.

Then there was the evening … but I feel asleep watching a movie.

By the time Chippie woke for another feed, thus causing wakefulness in me, Grumpy was asleep again.

And so the cycle continues …

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