… and so on and so forth and you just do ….

There I am, minding my own business and awaiting the Time We Need To Leave For School to arrive.

Well, obviously I wasn’t actually minding my own business. I was doing things like making lunches and periodically yelling at the kids to don/grab/remember various things for school.

Monkey Boy passes the About To Topple pile of washing awaiting to be folded. The very same 7 or 8 laods that I managed to extract from the line sometime yesterday afternoon. He mumbles something about when I’m going to “do my jobs”.

“Pardon?” I ask.

“I’ve been wearing the same pants and jacket for the last three days,” he informs me.

I do point out the enormous pile of clothes – all his, and his younger siblings’

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  1. Aspie Mr 10 came in to my room in just a t-shirt (long thankfully) and informed me he had no undies and no shorts. Strange, I’d put clean ones in his wardbrobe just the night before. Eventually found them tossed beneath the bed. I swear he does it on purpose …

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