… and that's how it happened!

So … after being subject to 20 Questions, all involving grade one maths questions on the seemingly three day walk home, with a brain frazzled due to husband-induced rant and subsequent tantrum earlier in the day, a To Do List that has one item remaining that seems incapable of getting itself done, and an inability to decide what to have for dinner (two options, both involving pasta of some description) I felt a cup of tea was in order.

Yes. A cup of tea. Apparently they lower the heart rate and relax you. Also, I could use the sugar hit that I have with my tea. And could well and truly use the relaxing qualities.

My head is throbbing. And unable to think clearly.

I flick the kettle on with my thumb, and the toddler away with my left foot, stumble on some LEGO that I’m fairly convinced belongs to the Advent calendar over the other side of the room, contemplate the consequences of that discovery when Monkey Boy gets home and discovers his advent calendar has been touched by someone other than him, and open the cupboard to retreive a cup.

Brain not function good tea well without, and I’d opened the wrong cupboard. Not the tea cup cupboard, but the glasses cupboard. Not thinking clearly, as toddler attempts to remove my pyjama pants whilst either trying to climb up my legs, or get my attention (am unable to determine which, nor do I care) I just grabbed a glass.

Clearly, my maths lesson of earlier this afternoon was ineffective, as I still had not put two and two together.

I did, however, as it turns out, although I’m unable to

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