And that's what really happened …

Awoke with my day all sorted, but things have the propensity to change in half a blink of an eye at the moment, so I never put much faith in The Plan, really.

It makes for terrible mental health issues if and when I do. Rely on plans, that is.

Thus, it is with little surprise , as Grumpy and I are discussing today’s schedule, that it transpires he is unable to collect Godzilla from school in the afternoon. I have been invited to a blogging event thing and had no intentions of taking him along.

Although, really, he was the perfect candidate for such an event.

I quickly and quietly discuss the event with him, over lunch making and write a note letting the school know he’d be leaving early.

Sorted … the kids are released into the world and distributed at their appropriate destinations and I do as much work as humanly possible before opting to have

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