… and then my brain exploded …

An extremely productive morning followed the childcare drop off/screaming tanty which concluded seconds after I walked out of the room.

The older two kids entertained themselves for some time arguing with me about who played what game on the Wii last and whose turn it was now and blah blah blah, lots of white noise, Mummy yelling “sort it out, its not that hard” then annoying each other whilst watching Star Wars and playing Mario Bros.

I also managed 6 loads of washing before it rained again.

Grumpy arrived home when it was time to collect Chippie. We opted for a longer walk, which also enable the purchase of milk and various other food items. Someone really must do the grocery shoppoing. And soon. About 2 and a half weeks ago would be a great time to do it.

As I was in Work Mode my mind was racing with ideas, stuff done, stuff still to do and What Next …

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