And this is why …

After … what is it now, five and a half long weeks, and forty five minutes, the guys turned up to install the heating in the “new” house.

A short background: There was nothing at all for the first few weeks, thanks to the incompetence of the real estate agent we were presented with. She then left, without advising us, not letting us know what was to happen with the list of some 23 items, three of them relatively urgent and one illegal (no smoke detectors) we had provided her with. On a weekly bases.

New agent handed this house, things got done.

The heating, it was decided, was in such a bad state that the owners of the house opted to replace it entirely and have a new system installed. This after several episodes of having to hang around whilst plumbers and heating guys of various descriptions (but, sadly, not “hot guys”) wandered in, around and under the house.

They were to arrive last week, but I received a phone call the day before, during which Melbourne happened to pull out a 34 degree C day for us, to say it was put off for another week. Of course, the day it was to happen, Melbourne pulled out a 17 degree day, and we froze all evening.

Anyhoo, they arrived forty five minutes late this morning, just as I was pulling out the driveway (late – I’d hung around for as long as possible) to take the kids to school.


But they were there, and they did stuff, and they were still there after Grumpy Pants and I had done a bit of kid swap and driving to and from various places. Then they left, taking a majority of their mess, and part of the side gate with them.

Being a somewhat confuddled day, and needing to get organised for a trip to Sydney tomorrow afternoon, I was a bit stressed. I have nothing to wear (well, I do, I guess, but I want something new, damnit!) and my pants needed taking up.

This is a job I verily suck at.

It is the bane of the short-legged, not helped that I fall somewhere

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  1. See this is why I threw my iron out. They’re obviously dangerous utensils, and should never be allowed through the door.

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