And this would be reality

A very early start, so early that I had to reset the time on my coffee machine, only to have it not set itself off and have to manually do it.

Pressing the right button at 5.13am, after being woken for no sensible or logical or any reason between 10pm and then is not as easy as they make it out to be.

MUG eventually poured, and I then had to set about making lunches much earlier than normal (actually remembering to do them this morning), jeans on, hair washed (agian, to remove nuclear nit killer scent), two jackets chosen

2 Replies to “And this would be reality”

  1. Good to meet you on Saturday, MC. You seemed to enjoy being away from the kids at a seminar. I can’t imagine why.

    And … so I’m not the only parent who gets out of their car dirtier than when they entered it.

  2. Great to meet you, too 🙂

    Yeah, nah, I’m like that all the time, even with the kids. Erm, sometimes LOL. Although didn’t mind some time off.

    I don’t get out of anything less dirty than I get into it … including the bath at times …

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