Animals and bits

Arranged to meet a friend at the Zoo.

So the boys – hers and mine – could catch up, run around and have fun.

(And so we could check out the venue for Mums’ Night Out!)

Monkey Boy decided to be revolting all morning, so, after numerous negotiations I resorted to “keep this up and you’re not coming”.

Grumpy took it one further, saying “You are going, I need to clean the house!”

Aside Discussions had with Grumpy about the managing of misbehaviour. Grumpy eventually grasps concept and decides that “If you stay, you will have to clean the house with me” is, in fact, a better response.

Maybe Grumpy not quite grasping whole concept as I had imagined.

Head off to Zoo without Monkey Boy (he decided cleaning the house would be much more fun than going to the Zoo with friends) and meet friends.

Tears from the start as giraffes were the flavour of the moment, and we had trouble explaining the concept that the giraffe were over the other side, and it wasn’t that we were avoiding the giraffes, it was that we had to actually walk past other animals to get to them.

Tears all the way to giraffes.

Get there to be told “yeah, seen them, lets go now”

“I want to see the penguins” – which, suprise surprise, were nowhere nearby and required passing more animals.

The kids eventually became good at spotting things.

“Look, a chips” (lying on the ground near the cafe area – “No you can’t eat them, that’s disgustinig”)

“Look, an orange lemon” (note to self: begin varying fruits consumed at home)

“Look, look, LOOOOOOOK, a

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