Announcing the Arrival Of …

After eleven long, painful, stressful and frustrating months, which was preceded by twelve months of even greater stress and frustration – twelve months which saw me drop balls all over the place and not live up to my own expectations, let alone anyone else’s – I am pleased to announce that my baby has been rebirthed.

It has new software, a slightly new look, better functionality (from the front end and back end), a more user friendly community area and, basically, is prettier and less frustrating overall … especially from this side of the screen.

I give to you the new Real Mums website … just over at

I’m terribly excited, and hope you’ll join me in being just as excited.

Mostly because, you see, being one who works from home, alone, except for the constant interruptions for drinks, ice-cream for lunch and to watch 98 episodes of

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