Another day at the office, with Disney and food

Today required considerably more stuffing about than usual.

It was bucketing rain, for a start, and all our clothes were on the line. Godzilla had a dentist appointment far, far away and I was left in limbo as to whether he’d be attending school or not. Teachers love it when you say that … “Um … so, yeah, he might be coming, and if he does, he’ll be late. Or he won’t be coming at all. Or maybe he won’t come and then get bored with home and decide school is better … or, um, something …”

He came out, tears welling up in his eyes and feeling blah. Poor sausage. We commenced the 8 day drive home and I asked if he was up to going to school. He shook his head. Last time, he slept most of the day and was out of sorts. I anticipated much of the same. Miraculously, as soon as I mentioned there’d be no TV, Wii, DS or electronic anything – “what if I need to microwave something?” – GAH! – he was ok enough to go to school. Good thing I’d asked Grumpy to drop his bag off at school when he dropped Monkey Boy there.

Drop Godzilla off, mention I’d be collecting him an hour early as we had an “appointment” and discovered no bag.

Grumpy would deliver it on way to gymnastics.

Collect kids at 2.30 for a very special Disney 3D Bluray event, which I was invited to as part of what I do. The family was also invited.

Godzilla was apparently whingy at school. But that’s because his bag wasn’t dropped off until after gymnastics with Chippie. Which was well past little lunch/recess time.


Head into the City to the Medina, up a bazillion (ok, 20) floors to the penthouse where I was pretty much immediately provided with the tools I would require to perform an afternoon of work with my family present.

Blood orange, apple & gin … it was the blood orange that won me over, I swear

We had been invited to have a bit of a looksie at Cars 2, soon to be released on DVD & Bluray – including in 3D!

We got a bit of a talking to about 3D technology from someone who knows his shit, but whose name I cannot remember as children are bloody noisy! Was totally blown away by how it – by which I mean “3D” – works, even though some of the tech-speak went over my head (I blame the empty glass I was holding).

Am totally fascinated by the brain and it’s workings in general, so hearing how the tech side of it works, signals to the brain etc etc was enthralling. Loved it!

Am unable to comprehend that in as little as 5 years, we are likely to have the capacity to view 3D movies (Bluray? Or will there be something else) in our homes without the need for 3D glasses or other aids.

As for the current 3D Bluray … in order to watch them in 3D you require the appropriate Bluray thingy and a 3D TV. Luckily for we poor, outdated souls, the 3D Bluray player thingywhosit also plays the 2D Bluray disks and DVDs (it’s retro fitted for them).

The children were adequately supplied with an array of Cars 2 themed foody goodness and we Mums (and the odd Dad – yes, my hubby was there, too) were plied with scrumptious delicacies courtesy of Bright Young Things Catering … who do rock ever so much.

As you know, food is a hugely important facet of any given event for me. Any given situation really. Or, in all honestly, any given moment of they day, let’s face it.

Once stuffed with food …

I hope those bean bags are wipe downable – eep

… we settled down to watch the movie in peace.

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