Another day off? What the …

We only just started up after school holidays (it was recently,wasn’t it???), then they have a curriculum day, and now a public holiday.

We spent the morning, all four of us, lying around in bed together.

Well, if you consider having your right breast malciously massaged by the incredibly pointy elbow of a four year old, an ice cold foot aimed -with force –¬†at your caesarean scar and a perfectly placed knee in your twat “lying around”, then that was our morning.

We ummed and aahed for ages about what to do that day. Monkey Boy decided the pub up the road, five minutes walk away, was a good spot for lunch.

Grumpy Pants and I, ever the romantics, decided that the pub in Blackwood, where we frequented BC, was idyllic. A mere hours drive away.

Off we set (at half past 12)

“I’m hungry, when are we there, are we nearly there, how long to go now” etc etc blah blah blah, heard it all before.

Saw the Mt Macedon turnoff and though, hey this is close, lets go here. Shut the kids up if nothing else.

Mt Mac pub CLOSED!! Like, closed DOWN!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek.

Off to Woodend.

Eventually ate – thank goodness it was busy and they wait staff couldn’t keep up. Otherwise we would have missed the 2 O’clock kitchen closing deadline by the time we got served. Nice meal though.

As we’d dressed for Open Fire Placed Pub weather – ie jeans, long sleeve T and a denim jacket or jumper – except for Godzilla, who had to wear his “colourful shorts” – the thought of treking to the Mt Macedon memorial cross thing hadn’t crossed our minds.

But, being the adventurous types we are (n’t), we thought we’d give it a go. The temperature dropping below 4 degrees C didn’t enter our minds. Lets face it, I’d already survived an elbowed nipple and a knee in my whatsit, I could survive anything.


Sidetracked to a lookout where Monkey Boy, doing his best to avoid anything remotely icky, managed to land both shoes into the muddiest spot he could possibly find.

Godzilla, on the other hand, whilst trying to negotiate into the middle of puddles repeatedly slipped and somehow managed to miss all the puddles.

Lucky the cafe was open – because they’re not stupid.

As Mummy was cold and needed a hot chocolate, so too did the kids. We all know the rule – if Mummy is cold and needs a strong hot chocolate, then you are cold and you will have one whether you like it or not.

Monkey Boy received his second ever in his life hot choc, whilst Godzilla graduated to his first. Godzilla, ever the gentleman, took a slurpy sip, wiped his face on his shirt after each sip, then dabbed his mouth with a napkin.

He then made up for the fact that he had entered the cafe in a relatively clean state, but slopping hot chocolate down the front of his shirt, his shorts and his shoes and socks.

Ah, well, at least he was warm.

Couldn’t wait to get home, kids fell asleep in car and now refuse to stay in bed.

Do they really go back to school tomorrow? Really??????

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