Answer Your Children Honestly

Monkey Boy, whilst mostly intelligent, loving and caring, with a little bit of pre-teen obnoxious and Centre Of The Universe-ness thrown in, has a propensity to repeat things he finds mildly amusing.

He repeats them until he gets the response he desires.

Sadly, as they are only mildly amusing, they tend to get less funny the more he talks about them and, funnily enough, less likely to result on the response of his desire.

I also have propensities.

Mostly, in these circumstances, the propensity to get fed up with hearing the same thing over and over. I tend to get a little bit snitchy and ask him to stop and punctuate my request with a rather large, dramatic, sigh that strongly indicated exasperation.

He tends to repeat the same questions a lot, too. It’s great that he’s asking questions, but I don’t like repeating myself; not with asking them to get their shoes on, with unpacking their bags or answering the same questions.

Tonight, we faced a combination of the two; something his father had told him that he felt was a little bit funny

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