Anything else you wanna throw at me?

Grumpy home this morning to “assist” with the getting ready for school, which, usual, consisted of him feeding Chippie, eating toast, drinkng coffee, reading the paper and being totally oblivious to my increasing-in-volume-and-forcefulness requests that they do various before school tasks like doing things that don’t annoy me and move the morning routine along in the direction we want.

In all fairness, when I reached the point where the temptation for homicide was at it’s peak and articulated this via a “Will you do something with him before I fucking kill him?” he went and did some yelling of his own (although he wasn’t really quite sure what he was supposed to be yelling about), which only served to cause more distress to 6 year old.

Thus, slowing the entire process.


It rained just as they were at that “COME ON WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!” stage, giving them an extra 15 minutes, as the opted to take the car.

I gave up at this point, poured another MUG and had a shower (my first in 2 days) and set about working, where all kinds of technical issues, storms and stupid things prevented me from doing much on my list.

Grumpy headed off to work, Chippie had his obligatory 23 minute sleep and spent the afternoon removing clean clothes from the washing basket and tossing them all over the floor, fiddling with the washing machine and locating cat vomit, grabbing a handful and tossing it at me. He managed another two before I managed to grab him and prevent myself from spewing on his head.

Washdown, complete with antibacterial dunking, change of clothes, change nappy which is more wet on outside than inside

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