Anytime is wine o'clock time, but what about …

The two older boys have managed to get up to some level on their Super Mario Brothers DS game.

I don’t really care. They are playing nicely together and not annoying me in moments of Little-To-No Tolerance.

Except that they then have to give me a blow by blow reenactment of the game. If they’re strapped into car seats, or the cereal cupboard with duct tape, they just talk at me.

I’m fairly certain I’ve told them I don’t care. Only nicely. Llike “I DON’T CARE! SHUT UP!” and that sort of thing. But they won’t stop.

Please, please make them stop!

It came to a head tonight. Monkey Boy, who had been rambling on about shit for hours, suddenly could not string two words together to tell me about a book he was supposed to be doing a teensy little report on (and a book I was actually interested in hearing him rambling on about), and Godzilla just kept talking at me.

I think he’d even got to that point beyond randomly stringing words together and was now just making noises that almost sounded like words, but actually weren’t.

I checked the clock. 5:17pm. WAY past wine o’clock time.

I do wonder, however, how early is too early to be sticking your fingers in your ears and saying, loudly, “La la la la la! Mummy’s not listening!”?

Vodka and wine are kinda frowned upon in the a.m. Is this a morning activity? Or really only a 3 minutes past school pickup pursuit?

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  1. I had a Smirnoff Ice at 10.30am the other morning. Poor form? Indeed! But geez it helped the day run that much smoother! And after all, it was after lunchtime on the east coast!

  2. Thanks, Amanda, for making me feel normal. I thought I was the only one that couldn’t give a s**t about my little darlings’ latest achievement on a game, book, puzzle……

    Three minutes BEFORE school pick up is officially wine/valium o’clock in my house…

  3. Pahahaha – erm, yes all of the above – have just been trying to maintain an air of mystery about parenting skills … so don’t often mention the extents i will go …


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