Anywhere office

Oh, too much to do. Three social engagements this weekend (always the way – we’ve had nothing since the start of holidays, bar Christmas, now three in two days).

Desperately need to go shopping to purchase some gifts for these outings.

Despite my workload, I decide to take a couple of hours off to go to the local massive shopping centre. Ring a friend. We meet for coffee.

Completely forgetting the number of messages I’d left for people.

Oh and media releases I’d sent out.

I left my diary and notepad at home. Well, I was trying to have an afternoon off.

Inevitably, my phone rang. I had to answer it.

It was a response to a media release. I had no diary. No notepad. No paper of any sort!

My napkin had been used to wipe up my iced coffee-spillage (I had no kids with me, of course it was going to happen).

My new mobile is not ergonomically designed to be held between ear and shoulder.

I, therefore, had a pen in one hand, and a phone in the other. Depsite being privelledge with ovaries, and the ability to become a mother, i was still only granted two hands.

I was, however, wearing 3/4 length pants. And I had some bare leg.

Yup, that’d do. Wrote the interview appointment time and date on my leg.

Hmm, they seriously need a wax!

So I added that – “book leg wax” to the list. Better add the need for a haircut, too.

Oh, and rice. We’d run out of rice. Might as well get that while I’m here.

Add that too the list as well.

In blue pen.

On my leg.

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