Appreciate the sentiment …

Godzilla has been invited to a birthday party today.

The very first one he has been invited to of his own accord.

Unlike previous ones where he has been invited because he is the “younger brother, and what else are you going to do with him”. Or, ahem, those where he has had to tag along anyway, because Daddy was working and there was no-one else for him to play with while Mummy took big brother to a party.

Now that Daddy is no longer working weekends, Mummy LOVES the fact that Daddy is available to chaperone for birthday parties.

Its also a little girl from swimming. Swimming that Grumpy Pants takes Godzilla to, so I haven’t seen or spoken to the associated Mum for aaaaaaagges. It’s at one of those places that has a special party room, and there is no room for hangers on and gate crashers.

Grumpy has decided that he wants to do some homework, so I can do The Party Thing.

Eh, ok. But what about Monkey Boy?

“Just take him with you!”

Ok, 6 years of not having to do parties – he has clearly missed the whole Birthday Party Invite Protocol (interesting, given that he owned a function venue for ten and a half years!!!!!!!!!!)

“No can do on that one, sorry!”

So the argument changed. “I thought, seeing as you hadn’t seen these mums for a while, you might like to spend the time with them.”

I appreciate the sentiment, but spend time sitting around with a bunch of hyped-up four year olds, speaking to a bunch of Mums that I haven’t even met before?

While stressing about the work I need to do?

In a cramped waiting area, where it takes a good 2 hours to obtain a semi-decent coffee?

When the party only goes for an hour and a half?

“Hmmm, how about you go, seeing as you know them all. And think of all those parties you missed out on when you were working weekends. It’ll be fun. You’ll have a ball”

(go off and make decent coffee in a mere 5.7 minutes – inlcuding brewing time 🙂 )

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