Appropriate Dinner Conversation

After a highly productive day, having been left to my own devices, aside from a much needed walk in the morning to devoid self and house of 3 year old, I was ready to “celebrate my successes”. This is one of my “things” for 2012; to acknowledge and celebrate when I do good stuff.

It is, of course, an area I am not familiar with, what with having neglected it for so long, and I wasn’t keen on filling it with wine or chocolate. I mean, they’re just both a Thing I Do Almost Daily, so the really hold little to no celebratory appeal. No, not even the “good” chocolate, because I only ever eat good chocolate so, you know.

I summoned up the enthusiasm to celebrate, only to discover three year old (now home from childcare) ensconced in Thomas, the older two incapable of coherent anything, eyes glued to their iPods, and Grumpy Pants in a similar state of awareness – or lack thereof – of anything going on around him thanks to the Cricket.

After faffing for a bit to kill some time and eventually concluded that if celebratory behaviours were to commence they sure as hell were going to rely solely on me and probably – seemingly – not involve any other living being in this house. Except maybe the goldfish. Instead, I figured I’d better cook something and feed offspring and the like. Let’s face it, no one else was going to.

Also, I like cooking.

Tonight’s fare: Roast chicken and pumpkin risotto that I

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  1. Oh My Goodness! This sounds like my place! Our dinner conversation generally degenerates into ‘what killed the dinosaurs’ and excessive flatulence is the reason most agreed upon by the majority! Usually lead by husband and followed by the boys. Much eye rolling and giggles from the girls and me groaning….again!

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