April 12th

Oh, one of those mornings – Grumpy Pants started work at 6, I had uni at 8, which means the Kid Juggle. Had to get both up early, make lunches, organise school bag for Monkey Boy, school bag for me, bag of snacks, toys and amusements for Godzilla, print off lecture notes (why can’t uni people be more organised??!) change of clothes for Godzilla, readers for Monkey ….

And, of course, when there’s lots to do, there’s always more created. One wet bed, so strip & wash needed. Godzilla managed to upend full bowl of fruity bix, yogurt & milk over floor & self, change Godzilla, clean mess, console Godzilla who is going through that whole 3 year old drama queen thing – you know, the one where they collapes in a heap if someone looks at them funny, urgh! – because the cat was eating his floored breakfast. Monkey Boy manged to remove cupboard door from its hinges.

Drop Monkey Boy at work with Grumpy, take Godzilla to uni with me.

Oh, damn, missed school assembly. And Monkey & his class were playing recorder this morning. Oh, dear, what a shame!

Ah, well, off to see some comedy chicks tonight – woo hoo!

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