April 22nd

a.m. Caught a little bit of the middle of the movie, sometime between the time Monkey Boy eventually went to bed (the 7th time) and Grumpy came home from work … “Who’s that? Is he married to her? Why did she do that? What’s that? How come he’s …”

F*** Off! I’m trying to watch a movie!! My first one this year.

It did, however, provide me with an opporutnity for a walk this morning. To return the video. That I didn’t really watch. Grumpy tried to come with me & bring the little people. But they wouldn’t co-operate, so I snuck out while he as doing that whole father-son bonding thing. You know the one, where he chases them around, yells loudly, tickles them, wrestles them, hypes them up, gets bored & then gets angry & yells at them for being stupid?!

Note to self –

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