April 25th

Return of the Nazi Mum!

Morning went something like this:

With Grumpy & I still in bed, Monkey Boy & Godzilla somehow manged to find & consume the hidden, remaining Easter eggs. Am not sure why I am surprised. They are not called Monkey Boy & Godzilla for nothing.

Subsequent conversations – yes, plural – went something like this:

Monkey Boy: Mummy can we have chocolate for breakfast.

Me: Um, Noooooo! You’ve just eaten chocolate. For breakfast.

Monkey Boy: No, that was before breakfast. We haven’t had breakfast yet. Can we have chocolate for breakfast.

This went on for some time …..

So Grumpy made Anzac bikkies with them, left the room then got upset with them for eating five in a row. Each.

He’s still working on the concept of “Little Boy Height”.

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