April 5th

Ah winter in Melbourne approaching (this week anyway). Battle with MonekyBoy to wear clothes that covered knees & elbows – which is not an easy task with a little boy that would get around in the nick all day if you let him.

And, of course its swimming day. Today Godzilla decided that everyone in the pool wanted to see his “doodle”. Not a problem if everyone in the class the same age, right? The other parents should get it, right? Nuh Uh – only boy in the class. Others have girls & they are all the first borns!!!!

After the time he opened the door when I was bent over taking my pants off, I seriously think I’m going to be asked not to return.

On the upside – it wore him out & he slept for nearly 4 hours this afternoon – I finished my assignment – and now the little sh!t won’t stay in bed. And I missed Desperate Housewives on Monday night, was going to watch tonight, but am seriously off to bed!

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