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  1. I wonder whether there was an acrimonious history between the two women, and that maybe it wasn’t about the breastfeeding particularly, but that the second woman felt intimidated and protective anyway? Either way, I wish it was possible to be in public without the Judgey McJudgepantses getting all in our faces! So much – what we wear; whether we’ve brushed our kids’ hair (or our own!); whether there’s food on faces; whether we floop boobs out or a bottle and teat; which pram or stroller we use; whether we wear our babies the “right” way; smoke or not; drink or not.
    Unless there is a very immediate risk of critical injury or death I’d like to just get on with doing what I need to do, without advice or criticism.
    I do make an exception where there’s evidence of abuse, but as I’ve only been very basically trained in recognising this and how to report it, I’m wary.

    1. You’ve actually raised another great point – sometimes we see and interaction (of sorts) between two others and form our own opinion about what’s actually going on!

      Absolutely agree re Judgey McJudgepantses needing to comment. I’m of the opinion that there are a number of successful parenting/baby experts with vastly differing views because there are plenty of people who subscribe to each of those views.

      If one expert/style was THE right one for everyone, then everyone would warm to it and the rest would fade away.

      As for the above situation … let’s wait and see, shall we? 🙂

      1. Exactly! While it’s good and right to stand up for blatant injustices, there are far more important problems that could use some attention 😀

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