Are You Lowering Your Standards? Stop it!

I recently had the absolute pleasure, as founder of this illustrious website, and privilege of speaking to a group of women about running a business, from home, whilst raising a family.

Not only was that awesome enough, but I did the talk alongside fellow colleagues and business owners, Joh (Strawberry Communications), Renee (Bra Queen), and Alli (Motivating Mum).


Ironically, given the timing and what with my recent Internet-less-and-running-a-business-whilst-moving-house scenario, I was to talk generally about running a business whilst raising a family, and more specifically about stress and ‘having it all/doing it all’.

A topic, tip, suggestion that has been doing the rounds of the ‘net over the last six-ish or so months, is the idea of “lowering your standards” or “lowering your expectations” as a mother, to ideally avoid, but at the very least, reduce the stress you are experiencing.

As I’ve touched on often over the years, kids are about as controllable as a tornado – or the weather in Melbourne. In fact, they are more erratic and less controllable than Melbourne’s famous weather.


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