Argh! Ok, enough – it's more than my head can take right now

Another, dsigusting night filled with lack of sleep.

Thankfully, Chippie ok in the morning and well enough to go to day care. Not happy about it, granted, but I put that down to the whole “it’s new” and “I’d rather fuck with mum’s head and make her feel like she’s dropped me off at some concentration camp where they torture me all day, instread of giving me cuddles and food and reading to me and letting me play with other children”

After two days of no credit on phone (as new one will be in this week!) I relent and purchase another month. Dither between waiting antoher day or two to be able to contact people when out, or having ability to phone out, given Chippie in daycare all day, and me being away from home. It is inevitable that should I have no credit, one of the children will do soemthing that will require my ability to be able to contact others via outgoing calls on my mobile.

Had to leave a good hour earlier than normal, which was interesting in itself, so I could ditch school-aged kids at friend’s house for dealing with, racing to drop Chippie off at day care, then heading off into city for seminar, where I have to detour via home to leave Monkey Boy’s swim bag at the front door, due to him telling me, as I’m screeching out freind’s driveway, that he left it at home, when he’d previously, before we left home, assured me he had it. On several occasions. Including one “Yes, I have it, now stop asking me!” rolly-eyed advising.

Head to seminar where I spend the day with awesome people, focussing on my business and self development with a pounding headache due to severe sleep deprivation that could not be fixed with coffee or coke.

Chocolate coated coffee beans are located in nappy bag and, therefore, not with me.

Inevitably, receive call from day care lady at 2.30pm, who advised Chippie has a temperature and when are we coming to get him. Successfully handball call to Grumpy, who will be available sooner than I will. Send numerous messages to Grumpy to let me know when he has retreived Chippie and if he is ok.

Received notifcation back at 6pm a am on way home from seminar.


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