Ask a stupid question …

Working, working,working whilst the Grumpy One is in charge of the kids.

A cup of tea brought into me (noice – first one in a week. Usually, I yell for a coffee 3 times before getting up to make one myself and Grumpy informs me he’ll have one while I’m there) and I continue working, working, working.

A desperate need for a toilet break leads me to discover Grumpy lying on the couch with Chippie and the older two playing their new DS Lites, which they’ve been playing since approximately 6am – near on 4 hours now.

At the site of me, they commence the “I wanna play that game and he’s got it” thing, to which my response is, invariably “Um, I’m working, can Daddy not handle this?”

(That would be Stupid Question 1)

Followed immediately by “Are you supervising these kids or are you letting them do whatever they feel like?”

(Yup, Stupid Question 2)

Unable to hear Grumpy’s reply, the ever helpful Godzilla informs me “No, he’s letting us do what we like. He just said “no” to the supervising question. He said “no”.”

Course he did.

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