5 Replies to “At the Bloggers Brunch – a short review & stuff I discovered”

  1. Hang on – if you’re going around holding squirmy things then bloody well get your arse (and arms) here and hold my two. I could use the break to deforest my legs *sigh*

  2. Thanks Amanda for all your hard work on Friday.. Was so great to have you a part of the day. I am pretty sure we can smuggle you some goodies you missed out on – they were a little bit awesome!

    Thanks for looking out for your ‘niece’ – You’re the ultimate auntie! 🙂

  3. Renee – missed you!!! So used to having you there.

    Heidi … are you suggesting my arse is big enough to hold two babies? Humph!

    Christie – my absolute pleasure. Thank you 🙂

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