Attack of the Killer Bee

As Monkey Boy’s swimming has now been changed to a Thursday night (bloodyswim school mangement!), and it being such a lovely day, a BBQ and eating outdoors was the order for the evening meal.

And, with our newly landscaped backyard (yes the landscaper again appeared when he said he would, and completed the job in the agreed timeframe – impressive!) with our garden beds full of dirt, and our lawn-allocated patch of dirt, it was lovely to sit outddors.

Monkey Boy chose to sit on the decking stairs rather than with us at the hardly used outdoor setting.

Yes, he wanted to look at our newly installed concrete and watch it dry.

(Seriously, we need to take that kid out more often or something).

Happy consuming out bbq’d steak and fresh salad, when a shreik from near the stairs rings out!



“There’s a bee.”

“Well, move away from it, come over here and sit with us” (logical was my though, but obviously not).


“Yeah. Come over here!”

” I can’t, I CAN’T its a BEE

“It’s surrounding me!”

Well after I nearly wet my pants laughing, I was still completely incapable of informing him that, technically, you can’t be “surrounded” by “a bee”.

Hmm, nevermind.

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