August 13th

Does this parenting thing ever get easier?!?

Apart from the debilitating guilt I felt leaving the family behind, I then had to contend with 3 days of deciding whether or not to buy them a present while I was away.

Am I only buying them a present to appease my guilt at leaving them behind to have fun without them?

Or is it because I love them so much that I want to show them how much I love them?

By going away for two nights and having fun without them. Hmm.

And if I do decide to buy them something, do I get them something really special that they normally wouldn’t get outside of a birthday (their own) or other really special occasion?

Or is the fact that it was bought interstate special enough?

Or is it that I’m just trying to buy them off because i’ve just left them for three days and two nights?

Ugh – what sane person would take on this job? Seriously?

So I did the only thing any real mum would do. I spent a lot of money. On lots of things.

For Me! Things like, food, alcohol and trendy clothes I’ll probably never wear. When I get home I’ll just tell them how much I love them. That should do it.

And, by the way, the Fashion Gods have turned on me. The crushed look is out – the Eighties has made a comeback – a loud, flourescent, spotted be-bowed comeback. Why? WHY??????

And its all tight fitting. Not good for the Mummy Tummy.

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