August 14th

Returned home last night to two adorable, sleeping children.

Who then came and climbed all over me with freezing feet pre-6am. Not good.

So I told them how much I loved them and missed them. Didn’t tell them they were lucky I came home at all – I’m saving that one for a special occasion.

I folded and ended up purchasing the Madagascar CD for the. Because, um, they really like it (and I do too, but that’s not why I bought it. Really)

I learnt today not to play the Madagascar Soundtrack while your three year old is eating porridge. There tends to be a lot of spoon waving when singing and dancing along to I Like to Move It Move It.

Subsequently, there tends to be a lot of porridge bits to be found in unexpected places throughout the day.

I also – thanks to my Grumpy husband and his supervisory capabilities – now have a clothesline!!!! One that works and everything and is locate in a spot that enhances clothes drying ability! It’s very exciting.

And now I need to go and get a life. Or, at least, do several loads of washing, seeing as we haven’t had a clothes line for a week and a half now.

I received a phone call, too, from the lady who supervised me on my placement. Offering me paid work. Because I was efficient, and I also thought about what I was doing, and they would like someone sensible to do a couple of jobs over the next few weeks.

Gee, no one’s ever called me that before. I wonder if she rang the wrong person.

And that age old dilemma of the Mum. Do I take the job or not? It’s casual work, a few days a week? But I’m very busy. And I’ll miss the kids. But Grumpy isn’t working and some money might be good. Have I sufficiently completed the trauma counselling with the kids after spending 5 weeks in their father’s care? So I took the opportunity, but made sure they knew I’d only be working two days maximum.

And they wan’t me to start tomorrow. As a “Casual Research Assistant”. Has a bit of ring to it, don’t you think?

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