August 1st

Urgh, another early morning rush, and can’t do a full day’s “work” on my placement as, despite having finished up with the business over a month ago, its still affecting my life.

Meetings about something that I’m not really interested in but have to be there for.

And, of course, its right on school pick up time. And despite me not being at home, apparently its still up to me to sort out what’s going to happen to Monkey Boy at this time. So there were tantrums had about that.

I just don’t like asking others to look after my kids, either. Unless its an emergency. Like when I have to go shopping. Not grocery shopping, either.

But Grumpy sorted it out with one of the other Mums at school drop off. Monkey Boy is off to the pool after school. This poor Mum, taking three kids to the pool, one of whom is not hers. And a boy at that. Most Mums I know with only girls struggle with boys.

Mostly with the fact that they are totally incapable of sitting for longer that 2.3 seconds.

And the added plumbing.

Our meeting finished early, so we had plenty of time to get to school in time for pick up. Except that we didn’t.

We had things to do. Assignments to finish, decking to build, work on websites to be done. All urgent.

We spent the entire drive home convincing each other that we had some very important things that needed to be done. That we would get them done more quickly without the kids there.

We convinced each other that we weren’t bad parents, because we really did have things that needed doing, and that Monkey Boy would be fine and have fun going swimming. He does love swimming.

Sure, he’ll be fine.

The guilt was nearing crippling. Almost to the point of preventing us from doing anything. Almost to the point of turning around and picking him up from school, to bring him home.


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