August 22nd

Another one of those Real Mums Decision Making Days. Agh, I hate these. Its just all too hard.

I had planned to go to “work” today. I said I would be. And also after my lecture tomorrow. So that I could go to swimming lessons with Godzilla on Thursday. That used to by my job and I’ve missed it for the last 6 weeks.

But I have some assignments due. And a lot of work to do.

Do I go to “work” today, and swimming on Thursday? Or do I make the most of having no kids at home, get some homework and work done, and miss swimming on Thursday?

So I sent the e-mail letting them know I wouldn’t be in at “work” today. And the weather forecast for Thursday isn’t looking great, so Grumpy can do the swim run this week. Again.

I did do the pickup for creche, only to discover that the lovely owners had sold it. To a large, national company with a not very good reputation. I don’t need this right now.

Not only that, but we found out via a note on the front door, and were handed a lovely glossy pack when we walked in the door. And it wasn’t a “we’re taking over next week”. It was a “we took over as of yesterday”.

What?? I’m so not impressed that this was done without the parents being told about it. And also does not inspire any confidence in me in this new company, if they felt that had to keep it a secret from the parents!

Which brings me to my next Real Mum Decision. Godzilla was born on the cutoff day for school. Which means he’s elligible for 4 year old kinder next year. Only I wasn’t going to send him next year. But I don’t like the way the creche was handled, and I don’t want to look for another one, and I know the kinder and the teacher and …

… oh this is just so not FAIR!!!!!

Some days, I’m just so over parenting.

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