August 30

Got up this morning, early. Had uni classes.

NO COFFEE in the house at all!

We’ve had to subsist, for the last two months, on crap coffee that we had leftover when we sold the business. Three kilograms of it. And I’ve persisted with it. Even though it tastes revolting.

But this morning. None, all gone.

And I wasn’t going to be home to get any more.

I had to rely on Grumpy to do it. I wasn’t sure how that would go. So I figured I’d just organise it when I had time. But Grumpy did it! And got it right. I was so impressed.

He went to the coffee place, where you buy fresh coffee and they grind it in front of you. There are about 16 choices for blends.

Grumpy went white and looked blankly at the sales assistant. She said “500 grams of the Rio Italian”.

Grumpy, astounded, said “How did you know?”

She pointed at Godzilla, and said “I recognise him.”

See, there is some value in taking the kids with you to some places. And having an addiction.

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