August 5th

I hosted, today, a Pamper Party – another party plan type thingo, but this one was for us to be pampered (then spend a lot of money on pampering products that we’ll never use, because we won’t have the time to, but we’ll feel better having made the effort to spend a lot of money on them).

It was allegedly a girly day. I invited some of my girly friends along for a relaxing, pampering afternoon, with wine and chocolate cake.

It was also, allegedly, kid-free, but thanks to husbands, several of them, both current and ex, there were also kids. About 7 of them. Aged between 2 and 5 years. And a baby, but that didn’t count because it slept the whole time.

Grumpy was about though, so he spent the afternoon out the back, assisting the landscaper in replacing the boards on the deck with a rather loud nail gun and a hammer, whilst the children created havoc up the other end of the house.

So, while we’re lying there, cucumber and green tea eye pads on our tired eyes, a three year old lying on my chest, listening to the relaxing sounds of a relaxation CD on the stereo, the rhythm of the nail gun and the screams making their way down the hall from the bedrooms, there comes the sound of a heard of children thundering down the hall and into the lounge room.

“SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!! You have to be really quiet, OK? SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!”

Of course, being Mums we were able to breeze through the relaxation component of the afternoon, without blinking an eyelid.

Quite possibly because they were hidden behind cucumber and green tea eye pads.

Then spend heaps of money making ourselves feel better by purchasing loads of pampering products that we’ll never use because we won’t ever have the time to use them.

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