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Sometimes, I amaze even myself.

And other times I wish I had friends like me.

And then other times, I’m glad sometimes I don’t.

A long time family friend is turning 50 tomorrow. He’s not a birthday kinda person, which makes me very cross because, quite frankly, I love parties and if my friends don’t have parties, then they deprive me of them. That’s just not fair. I don’t even want fairy bread – the stuff makes me want to vomit – but just a party would be lovely.

Anyhoo, I don’t care that he doesn’t like parties. Nor that he really doesn’t even like the idea that his birthday is acknowledged in any way by anyone. Not even a birthday card. He just doesn’t want to know about it.

So, we’ve invited him and his lovely wife, also a gorgeous, long term friend, for dinner. So I may acknowledge his birthday with presents. And a cake. Have I mentioned I like parties?

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