Avoiding the Morning Rush Hour

You’ve got to get yourself off to work, and you’ve got the kids (and sometimes husband) to deal with as well. This can be quite a challenge. You’re not alone. Most working Mums face the same challenges.

As a Real Mum, you can avoid complete breakdown in your morning schedule by putting some plans into place, and starting your morning the night before.

Before you go to bed:

Take the stress and rush out of mornings by doing as much as you can the night before. This could include things like:

  • Set the coffee machine to brew your coffee 5 mins before you get up (if you don’t have an automatic coffee machine – get one now!).
  • Lay out clothes for yourself and your kids the night before.
  • Your husband or partner (if applicable) is an adult and should surely by now be able to fend for him or herself.
  • In fact, forget the laying the clothes out, put the kids to bed in the clothes they’re going to wear the following day.
  • In which case, we’d recommend the night-time routine is dinner first, then bath & bed, not bath before dinner.
  • Scream at the kids to get all their crap together in one pile for school, preschool, whatever the next day.
  • Continue to scream at them until they do so. Confiscate a DVD, GameBoy or other item of value if necessary.
  • Check out the weather forecast for the following day. There is a vague chance it could actually be correct and you can be prepared for it, including the traffic conditions (like with heavy rain and the like).
  • Get the brekkie stuff organised. Put it back, because whatever you get out will be wrong anyway. At the very least, decide what you want, organise that and then you can do the “I told you so” bit when you’re organised and no-one else is.
  • Work out what time you have to leave. Then set the alarm about an hour and a half before that time.
  • Go to bed in your clothes for the next day. The crushed look is in! When it’s out, you can just say you’re rebelling against the conformist nature of the fashion industry and refused to be sucked into commercialism. Go shoe shopping.

Give yourself more time in the morning:

  • Work out what time you need to leave, at the latest. Then add half an hour. Then another hour. And another half an hour again. You might just be able to get out the door, ooh, 10 minutes later than you’d actually like.
  • Wake everyone else in the house.
  • Yell at them to get off their bottoms and get organised. NOW.
  • Disappear for a quick power kip. If you’re not around to do stuff for them, they’ll have to do it themselves.
  • They will learn quickly that hunger can be a pain in the bum when they haven’t got their lunch that day.
  • Pack all the kids into the car, then go back inside and get ready for your day. This way, you don’t have to fight for the bathroom or have anyone hanging off your leg.

Listen to the Radio:

  • Dancing and singing while preparing for work can help you and the kids get motivated into action.
  • It also helps to remove grumpiness.
  • This is even better if you have teenagers, because you can sing really loudly to the songs that they think are cool, and are, in fact, re-releases of your fave songs from the 80’s.
  • You may also find out if there are any traffic problems that are likely to get in your way.

Get the Kids Involved:

  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; if you keep doing stuff for your kids, they won’t learn to do it for themselves and will continue to expect you to do it for them.
  • They will soon learn to get involved when they’ve had to do school swimming in their undies three weeks running, or miss out on really cool lunches. Oh, and when they consistently go to school with bed hair.

Get Out the Door Early:

  • Singing remakes of your favourite 80’s songs goes a long way to getting the kids moving. Especially if you let them know you’ll continue singing, loudly, at school dropoff.
  • Otherwise, because you were the only one that listened to you, you’ll be organised and they won’t. So, grab your stuff, announce to the household you are leaving now, count to three then walk out the door and start the car up.
  • You won’t believe how quickly kids can get dressed, get their essentials together and be sitting in the car, seatbelts on and ready to go.


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