Away, away …

I’m heading off for a few days.

Three nights, to be precise.

Am being ditched at airport early so kids aren’t late for school and hubby gets a longer day on his own.

Am heading up to the Sunshine Coast and spending a few days with two amazing women whom I love and admire SO MUCH!

I’m also having MUCH NEEDED break … basically it was get online and book flights or ring the GP. Niether of which was appealing, I must say.

I’m excited!

I’m excited and nervous and honoured and ambivalent.

But more of that when I return … am being yelled at to “hurry up and get in the car!”



4 Replies to “Away, away …”

  1. I hope I am one of those amazing women, but my powers of deduction (based on the fact that I don’t live on the Sunny Coast, so cannot be that woman, or that you aren’t even staying in BrisVegas with me) means that I am the third woman that’ll have to pick up your tab when we go out to dinner on Wed night…

  2. Quick go get in the car!
    Don’t worry about how heavy that suitcase is, it’s just me hiding in it 😉
    Enjoy your break, so jealous right now.

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