Aww – he's finally saying "mamma"

Chippie never really said “mamma”.

Or “mummy” or “mum” or anything. Well, he did for a day or two, then stopped. Not sure if he meant to say it, or it was just sounds.

“Dadda” and “daddy” on the other hand … LOTS of that.

I didn’t think it would bother me, because once they start with the “mamma” that’s all you here.

I was, however, starting to get a complex. Everything was “dadda” this and “daddy” that. He screamed when Grumpy left for work. He’d settle better for Grumpy. He just loved his dadda more.


So I must confess to an overwhelming feeling of pride when he sat in his high chair and yelled “Mamma, mamma”. And when he came over to me, crying, clinging to my legs, reaching his hands up

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