Aww, is dat just a widdle bit disappointing?

I’m going to wear my slightly Cranky Pants for this little rant. And its a little one, I promise.

Anyhoo, got an update about some stuff and things, and the usual paraphernalia that infiltrates my inbox (yet I just can’t seem to unsubscribe – help, I have a disorder!) and there was mention of the handing out of birthday party invitations at childcare/kindergarten/school. Rather, the request that this practice does not occur as “other children can become upset”.

I know. Life is tough. And it sucks at times.

I’ve been handed the same request on many a time, sometimes with the explanation that “council will only permit council approved material in the children’s pigeon holes” to avoid having to answer the “Ok, I’m happy not to hand them out like that, how would you like the birthday party invitation distribution to occur?”

As yet, I have not been given a response – any reponse to that request, nor have I even heard rumour that such a sensible and acheivable response exists. In fact, I haven’t heard rumour that a ridiculous, unnattainable solution has ever been uttered.

If we take into consideration that some mums work, and some don’t like to hang around the creche/kinder/school gossipping, and some have better other things to do, then handing them to the parents directly (most of whom are also not there; please refer to the start of this sentence) then the most logical thing to occur is that the kids hand them out to kids at the respective care/educational venue.

Teachers invariably (in my experience) refuse to take on the responsibilty. Privacy – or paranioa surrounding privacy – usually means contact lists are limited. To be fair, its also due to those parents who prefer the not-hanging-around not hanging around in order to add their details.

I’m not suggesting the practice is foolproof, or even a good one. It’s just the only suitable, logical, doable on in existance at the moment.

But what concerns me is enough parents, and possibly only one very loud one, have complained that their child “might be disappointed and upset” in order for these notes to be sent out.

So, and here’s where I get stuck just a little, do they plan on raising a child with zero disappointment in their life?

If so, what do they do when soemthing beyond their control happens? Or if a favourite toy gets lost or broken? Or another kid comes and takes something that s/he was playing with in the first place and their kid came and snatched it? Or a family pet or member dies? Or … the list goes on.

I get, really get not wanting a disapopinted kid. It breaks your heart, for sure. Right now, in my life, I’d do anything

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  1. Totally agree! Life is full of disappointments and while not consciously wanting to inflict any on my children, I certainly realise I can’t protect them from all of them. My non-child-endowed bestie (and fairy godmother to my girls) asked me how I cope when watching my eldest daughter (who is only three but is taller than most 5 year olds) being ganged up on by two 5 year olds. She said “I’m so protective of her, can’t imagine how I’d cope with that kind of thing if I was a mother.” My response was “When you are the mother, you want to build your child up to be the best, strongest person she can be, and sometimes that means letting her go through some tough times.” Life is tough. I really want my children to be able to cope with the good and the bad. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to protect their child from everything – but I guess some people see it differently. Will we have a generation of people in ten to twenty years time who all head off to a corner for a sulk when they don’t get what they want? Errr yuck! Thanks for your thoughts Amanda – hopefully someone, somewhere will see sense!

  2. OMG, god forbid our child be upset by being left out of a birthday party.

    Where’s that cotton wool….

    Of course, it’s OK to show an injured toddler, unconscious and covered in blood on the 9am news report on a sunday morning, (that’s a whole other rant, ranted and reported) but not OK for them to be aware of being left out of a birthday party.

    FFS, toughen up!!!!

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