Babies, mess and the oh, so helpfulness of the rest of the family …

Steam some dim sims for the kids whilst I prepared them a “proper” meal after the stint at the Food Show this afternoon.

Starving they were. Simply starving!

Grumpy Pants, in all his thoughtfulness, passes the bowl of soy sauce to Monkey Boy who, in all his thoughtfulness, places it on the floor beside himself.

Chippie, in all his babiness, grabs the bowl and tips it up, spilling the contents all over the floor.

I reposition my plate as quickly as possible, dive onto the floor and grab Chippie’s hands. Hands that were having a fabulous time fingerpainting with the soy sauce, splashing it up chair legs, on the couch and Monkey Boy.

My quick thinking and obliging husband and eldest child quickly raced to grab something to clean the mess up with, and remove Chippie from the scene so he, too, could be wiped down and changed into something less soy saucey.

Then, reality descended on me and I stood there holding one of Chippie’s hands out of the sauce, whislt simultaneously moving the bowl, removing his knees from the puddle, yelling at Monkey Boy to stop bloody laughing and do something bloody helpful and saying to Grumpy “No, no, you just sit there eating your dinner, I’m fine!” and grabbing Chippie’s other hand, which was flapping about and splattering soy sauce of various other pieces of furniture, fittings and family members.

(Just in case you didn’t pick it up, I was being sarcastic when speaking to Grumpy)

Somehow, I managed to remove Chippie, clean as much mess as possible, wipe him down and resume eating my, now cold, dinner.

And he still smells like a dim sim.

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